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Joy Is An Inside Job

Raise your happiness set point
in 2 minutes a day with Daily Happy Actions,
the one-a-day vitamins for your soul.

What if everything you know about happiness is backwards?

Have you ever thought that one day when you get in shape, land your dream job, find your soul mate or [insert goal here] you will finally be successful and happy?

Yeah, that's all backwards.

The happily-ever-after stuff? That part comes first.

So let's put joy it back where it belongs - the beginning of the story.

We can do it together, one tiny action at a time.

What are Daily Happy Actions?

Daily Happy Actions are daily prompts to put the science and psychology of joy and resilience into practice.

Each day, you receive an email with one teeny tiny action step (doable in 2 minutes or less) to rewire your brain, upgrade your habits, and infuse your life with joy.

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Forest Bathing, Star Gazing & Earthing – Not Just for Hippies Anymore

Even if you don't consider yourself "outdoorsy," the positive effects of spending time in nature are worth a walk in the woods! This month we explore the healing connection between people and nature with one tiny action every day. Enter your email below to play along :)